Want to liven up your party? Challenge your coworkers? Engage your wedding guests? We're happy to offer custom, live trivia events tailored for you! We'll bring our own sound equipment, and provide the best possible experience for your attendees! Books us for custom trivia for your party or event!

**Please note: for the safety of others trivia is on-hold at Abe Erb at this time, please stay tuned for future updates**


In the meantime - follow us on Facebook and Instagram for weekly trivia rounds + check out our

Virtual Trivia Fundraisers.


Join in our pub trivia nights! Bring your team and try your hand at our confounding questions. Check out our schedule (and follow us on social media!)

for specialty nights, niche rounds, and hints! 


No registration or cover required. 

Weekly Trivia Nights


Tuesday's @ 7:30 PM

Abe Erb

151 Charles St W, Kitchener, ON N2G 1H6


Wednesday's @ 7:30 PM

Abe Erb

15 King St S, Waterloo, ON

N2J 1N9


Thursday's @ 7:30 PM

Abe Erb

5 Edinburgh Rd S, Guelph, ON N1G 4Y3


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